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Bluepaper Waste

Blue Paper is the raw material that is used in the production of banners. We are a provider of blue paper wastes.


Gift Paper

We are supplying the wastes of gift papers that is used in wrapping the gifts.


Wax Coating

The wax provides a great barrier for preventing grease and moisture from getting through the paper. The wax paper is mainly used in food industry. We procure waste of wax coating paper in rolls and sheets.


Wet Strength Tag Waste

These are the wastes of tags mainly derived from beverage producers in the form of sheet and rolls. These tags provide strength and performance in wet and humid environments.

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With constantly developing industry, technology and increasing population, our natural resources are decreasing day by day and nature is irreversibly destroyed. The reuse of waste paper as raw material is provided by recycling facilities so that the increased consumption does not harm natural balance and harm to nature.
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